Metagenomics Highschool experience 2015 @ Massey University

Schmeier Group // Massey University


Saturday, September 26th saw the 5th annual Metagenomics High School Experience Day held in the Watson Science Labs here at Massey University Auckland. This year we managed to break the 100 mark, with just over 100 students from 10 high schools around Auckland and Northland coming to get some hands-on experience with cutting edge molecular biology techniques and to learn about the revolution in DNA sequencing. As usual, the students were very capable, highly motivated and enthusiastic, and everyone had a great time.

Publications // latest

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An atlas of human long non-coding RNAs with accurate 5' ends. Nature, 2017, 543:199–204.

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[ Nov 2017 ] Software Carpentry Workshop, Massey University Auckland

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